New lawyers for McDonald’s

This is an extremely interesting development. As we’ve explained previously (see the home page under the section “MCDONALD’S FRANCE LAWYERS KNEW THAT THESE KIND OF PRACTICES (AT LEAST THE ONES IN 2015 AND 2016) WERE ILLEGAL”), McDonald’s France lawyers, from the Péchenard law firm, couldn’t have ignored that McDonald’s schemes were illegal.

Indeed, the main partner in the Péchenard law firm, Eric Andrieu, wrote an article in a legal review, back in 2012, following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case C428/11. This article is a proof that Eric Andrieu couldn’t have ignored that his client was committing some serious felonies.

The link to the article is now broken! Try to click and you will see they deleted the PDF! Don’t worry, we’ve saved the PDF, but before we put it back online on our website, we need to put a legal warning to clearly state that this PDF doesn’t infringe any copyright laws as it is now a proof in a criminal case! In case you don’t know, McDonald’s is trying to undermine us by filing complaints with Google and probably other companies (which is, by the way, criminal). If we put this PDF online without a clear legal notice on it, who knows if they will use this as an excuse to try to shut down this website.

Did Eric Andrieu failed to correctly advise McDonald’s? It’s not possible since he wrote that article which is a proof that he knew perfectly well about the C428/11 case, its consequences, and what it meant!

We believe it’s quite obvious that McDonald’s executives couldn’t have ignored the risks they were taking with their Monopoly promotion and that they deliberately committed fraud. It’s not the only proof of course but it’s a very strong one considering it was written by their own lawyers!

Do you remember what Malcolm Hicks, McDonald’s Europe general counsel, said to us last year in an email? Click here to see his email.

As you know if you’ve read the front page carefully, he never answered us after he got that second legal opinion. But at the time, we realized there were these network connections to our websites from that British law firm called Allen & Overy. Do you know who is replacing the Péchenard law firm? It’s Allen & Overy! What a coincidence! We are so surprised!